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Description: Lady Jocelyn was educated in a convent and has decided to become a nun. But she's kidnapped by a rogue baron and thrown into a dark dungeon. The man in the next cell distracts her from her terror be verbally taking her on an erotic journey of self-discovery. When they are rescued, the man proves to be the new lord of the castle and offers to marry Jocelyn. Dare she trust such a wicked man?

Sir Alard has spent months in the dungeon thinking of how much he's missed in life by seeking adventure as a crusader rather than love and family at home. Now he's free and has found a woman to make all his dreams come true. If only he can convince her to choose him over the church. Should he impress her with his knightly honor or re-ignite the fire he knows simmers within her?
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Jocelyn awoke with a start. The bed was moving. Then she saw the pale glow of firelight through a crack in the curtains. A large shadow moved into the light. With a squeal of alarm she rolled toward the far side of the bed, only to bump into the wall the bed stood against.

"Don't be frightened, Jocelyn. 'Tis Alard." He moved onto the bed, carefully closing the bed curtain behind him so they were cocooned in complete darkness.

She pressed against the headboard, clutching the covers to her chest. "Is this how you honor your word to my father?"

"How have I broken faith with your father?"

"He said the final choice would be mine."

"And so it shall."

"What choice will I have after you have defiled me?"

"I'm here to talk, Jocelyn, only talk. Simon told me you were upset because I did not greet you today."

"I wasn't upset, only surprised. 'Tis common courtesy to greet guests on their arrival, or at least, to give some reason why you do not."

"I simply wish us to spend time together without the pressure of others watching our every move. Your brother is a stout fellow, but his jests can be cutting."

"You fear Simon's humor?"

"He witnessed your last refusal of my suit. Surely, you can understand why I hesitated to approach you under his watchful eyes."

Guilt pricked at her. She supposed she had been a bit harsh to a man who had suffered as Alard had. "I rejected marriage, not you."

"The look on your face as you gazed at me said otherwise."

He sounded truly wounded. "Later, I realized you were suffering from the effects of your long imprisonment. I'm sure you look much differently now."

"Some scars never heal," he said in a forlorn voice.

"Oh!" Was he permanently disfigured? The poor man. What should she say to him now?

He covered her embarrassment by continuing. "During the long night we spent in the dungeon, I felt a special harmony between us. Perhaps, if we have more time isolated and in the dark, something truly wonderful will develop between us."

"Lud! Are you going to put me in the dungeon again?"

"No, no," he hastily reassured her, "but we might make a more comfortable dungeon here. With the bed-hangings drawn, we are in darkness, and the castle's stone walls will block our voices from other's ears."

He spoke as if proposing a walk in the gardens, but Jocelyn knew his was a seriously flawed proposition. "This is a bed. It's most improper for us to be here. In fact, we should not be together at all without chaperones."

"We were un-chaperoned in the dungeon."

"There was a wall between us."

"Then we'll make a wall here. Give me your bolsters."


"The pillows. We'll pile them between us to form a wall."

"A wall that can be easily breached is no wall at all."

"Milady," his tone was stern, "if I swear not to breach it, the wall will be as strong as if built of stone."

"And will you so swear?"

"I swear on my honor as a crusader."

Jocelyn still had misgivings but she hesitated to question the oath of a crusader. Besides, he had to know a scream would bring others to her rescue. Hesitantly, she dragged the pillow from behind her and pushed it and others toward the middle of the bed. They were pulled from her control, and she sat in hunched indecision as the bed lurched and Alard pounded on pillows.

Soon he said, "There it is, our mighty wall. Now we can lay back in comfort and talk at leisure.

Before she stretched out, Jocelyn lightly felt in front of her to be sure the pillow barrier was in place. After a moment of silence, she said, "What shall we talk about?"

"Perhaps we can pick up where we left off in the dungeon?"

"As I recall we were discussing your imminent death."

"Fortunately that's no longer pending."

"Unless I tell my brother you came into my room and forced yourself on me."

He gave an evil-sounding chuckle before saying, "You do and Simon will congratulate me for following his advice and summon the priest. You see, dear lady, everyone seems to think we should marry."

"Everyone except me."


“If you are looking for a sweetly erotic medieval love story you are sure to enjoy A Knight in the Dungeon. In only a few chapters, this tale is both complete and satisfying. A sheltered but stubborn young woman matches wits with a determined knight who has seen too much of life slip through his fingers. Alard’s soul touched Jocelyn’s soul briefly in a time of crisis, now he is sure that she is his destiny. The challenge of proving this to Jocelyn provides many light-hearted, humorous moments. Readers are sure to finish the tale with a smile on their faces, touched by this heart-warming romance.” ~ Naomi, Fallen Angel Reviews

“Overall, I truly liked the characters in this novel, especially the sweet touch of innocence that Jocelyn provides. Anyone who enjoys historical romances will find A Knight in the Dungeon a worthy read.” ~ Francesca Hayne, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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